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We value our sponsors.

Brittany and All In have the partnership of a lifetime. Our partnerships and sponsor relationships are created with brands and products we truly believe in and stand behind, who share our love of horses, and love for the sport. We are committed to excellence in every way.


“I love the therapeutic benefits of Back on Track. I appreciate how hard my horses work we like to keep them as comfortable as possible. Our Back on Track blankets help soothe and recover those hard-working muscles. A must-have!”​



" All In is a very special horse. He came into my life in October 2010 when my father and I attended the Equine Elite Auction in the Netherlands, he was 5 at the time and we had no idea he would turn out to be what he is today. He has quite the funny character, he's cheeky and sensitive like a young horse and truly loves his job - he actually runs on the trailer when we are heading to a show. I have never met a horse with a work ethic and willingness to learn like him. He is my horse of a lifetime."


- BRITTANY FRASER BEAULIEU, 2020 Olympic hopeful

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